I joined the Department of Statistics at the University of Manitoba in 2024 as an Assistant Professor. I have recently completed an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Mathematical and Statistical Modelling from Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU). My Ph.D. dissertation was titled ``Multiscale Modelling of Brain Networks and the Analysis of Dynamic Processes in Neurodegenerative Disorders". Before that, I possess an MSc degree in Applicable Mathematics from the University of Greenwich, London, England.

I have always been fascinated by my mathematical studies and have a flair for the subject. I relish the challenge of problem-solving that mathematics provides. For me, it is an endlessly intriguing subject, as the discipline appears limitless, allowing so much scope for further study and research. My current research expertise is highly multi- and inter-disciplinary and includes vast areas in the field of applied mathematics, statistics, data science, bioinformatics, data analysis, stochastic processes and biostatistical sciences, viz., multiscale modelling of brain networks, hybrid and statistical modelling, data-driven brain networks, neuroscience, machine learning, computational statistics, high dimensional data analysis, and the analysis of dynamic processes in neurodegenerative disorders.


Hina Shaheen,  P.h.D.

Our Lab is dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of brain diseases through cutting-edge statistical analysis and computational modelling techniques. At NeuroStats Lab, we harness the power of high-dimensional machine learning algorithms and cloud computing to tackle complex challenges in neuroscience and healthcare. Our research involves developing and optimizing cutting-edge machine-learning techniques capable of handling vast amounts of data. By leveraging cloud computing resources, we accelerate computation and analysis, enabling rapid insights and advancements in understanding brain diseases. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we aim to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in the field, ultimately leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, and management of neurological disorders.



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