• Welcome to the NeuroStats Lab, where we specialize in cutting-edge research at the intersection of neuroscience, computational modelling, and dynamic process analysis.

  • At our lab, we are dedicated to unravelling the complexities of the brain's intricate network architecture through multiscale modelling approaches.

  • Our research strives to understand how neural networks operate across different spatial and temporal scales, from microscopic neuronal interactions to macroscopic brain dynamics.

  • Using advanced computational techniques and innovative methodologies, we aim to decipher the underlying principles governing brain function and dysfunction.

  • Through our work, we seek to bridge the gap between theory and experimentation, providing valuable insights into the mechanisms underlying various neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and cognitive processes.

  • With a multidisciplinary team of researchers, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in neuroscience and paving the way for novel therapeutic interventions and clinical applications.